Beyond Blood: Hope & Humanity in the Forgotten Fight Against AIDS

Beyond Blood is the story of three men who grew up in drastically different contexts and found their way to each other through a common concern for the marginalized. Written by Cornel Onyano, Duncan Kimani, and Justin Miller, Beyond Blood is the origin story of CARE for AIDS.

About the Authors:

Justin T. Miller grew up in Peachtree City, GA and has spent the past decade working to solve some of the world’s most complex social problems with the heart of an entrepreneur. As the Co-Founder CEO of CARE for AIDS, he has dedicated his life and leadership to empowering people throughout East Africa to live a life beyond AIDS. Justin’s home base is Atlanta, GA where he leads the US office of CARE for AIDS. Justin and his wife, Lindsay, have two beautiful children— Addie and Logan. 

Cornel Onyango Nyawera is a pastor, husband, and father. He serves as a Country Director for CARE for AIDS, a nonprofit he co-founded in 2007. Cornel grew up in Western Kenya near Lake Victoria where his passion for justice and inclusivity led him to engage in the HIV crisis that was destroying his community. Cornel and his wife now live and serve in Nairobi, Kenya. They have five children — Bryan, Justin, Sherry, Collins, and Cornel, Jr.   

Duncan Kimani Kamau grew up on a coffee farm in Central Kenya. As the son of a pastor, Duncan grew up with a heart for compassion and pastoral care, which eventually led him to engage in the AIDS crisis by activating local churches to care for the most marginalized members of their communities. Duncan serves as a Co-Founder and Country Director of CARE for AIDS in Nairobi, Kenya, where he and his wife Rose live with their three biological children— Kieth, Abigail, and Anna— and seven adopted boys.