Welcome to my first post on justintmiller.com. If you don’t know me, check out my “About Me” page to learn more. Let me share why I have started this blog and why I hope you will follow along.

My first confession is that I don’t particularly enjoy the writing process. I shared with one of my team members one day that I was having a really horrible day because I had attended a funeral, had to let somebody go, and written a blog. While those are not equal, none of them bring me much joy. So, why would embark on something that I find so difficult? Because I believe my mission in life is to help mobilize people and resources to solve big problems. This medium will help me be a better steward of the things I have learned and will learn in the years ahead.

My experience won’t resonate with every reader, but I have spent the last 10 years trying to start, scale, and sustain a healthy, impactful nonprofit organization. And, by most standards, I think that has been accomplished. It hasn’t been without challenges, and it definitely wasn’t done alone, but I have learned a lifetime of lessons about leadership, international development, nonprofits, and more. I try to share this freely with those I meet with and speak to, but I want it to be available to anyone who might benefit in the smallest way.

In an attempt to be transparent, I will admit that it is not in my nature to be transparent. I try to present composure and control in the way I live and lead, but my fears and failures are very real. I promise to try my best to let my guard down and share the good, bad, and ugly of my story.

Let me describe the format of the blog as I see it today. I am only going to post once per week. I have selected a number of topics that I have the most knowledge and experience in. I will write about 10 posts on each topic and also invite some guests to share as well.

This blog will have relevance to people in all life and leadership stages and business sectors, but I imagine that it will most resonate with those of you like me. I’m talking about you who are under 40 years old and have a desire to start or lead something whether as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. I hope this gives you confidence and concrete skills to chase whatever idea, dream, or vision you have.

Tune in next week for the launch of the first topic, “how to” start a nonprofit.